Q1Is ordering safe at Genuine Shopping Store?  

Ans: At Genuine Shopping Store, every information is secluded for your confidentiality. We use only PayPal checkout that is highly secured and has 128 bit SSL encryption. After your order is received, the payment goes to PayPal gateway and then we receive it into our account.

Q2. Which payment methods you accept at Genuineshoppingstore.com?  

Ans: For your ease, Genuine Shopping Store accepts the following payments via major credit cards; Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

Q3. Can I make any adjustment after placing the order on this website?

Ans: Any amendment or alteration can be made but you have a full 24 hours after submitting the product order. Since our automatic method is made in such a manner that after getting online orders, it goes directly to the manufacturing section and therefore, you cannot cancel after 24 hours.

Q4. Where can I discover my order requisition on Genuine Shopping Store?

Ans: You will be receiving product Confirmation via email explaining you the price, shipping cost(if any), and order verification number.

Q5. Do you offer Free shipping worldwide?

Ans: Every order is offered with Free shipping worldwide apart from a few territories where it’s hard for courier companies to deliver orders. Our customers, in fact, appreciate the Free shipping we through UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

Q6. How does Genuine Shopping Store price works?

Ans: To support you buying leather jackets effortlessly and without problems, we have highlighted our mentioned prices. The Dark Blue coded price mentioned is the authentic prices of the product after every discount.

Q7. How long could it take to ship my order?

Ans: Since we only use Expedited couriers services, it would take just 3-4 working days after we ship out from our warehouse. You can check the shipping policies of our store for complete information.

Q8Is it essential to register initially?

Ans: To support you more expediently always, you initially have to register so to turn into our buyer and we can maintain your data in our account, which is in reality for customer’s safekeeping.

Just click the “Register” on “Login” at Homepage and easily register your account.

Q9From where Genuine Shopping Store buys all the raw leather material?

Ans: We acquire all raw leathers from best hide selling companies around the globe, which are farmed by the base and don’t carry any human side-effect. After buying wonderful quality Hides, our proficient craftsmen convert them into astonishing leather garments. This way, you can, without doubt, rely on our superlative class of products.

Q10.How can Genuine Shopping Store be contacted if customers have any query or difficulty?

Ans: Genuine Shopping Store can easily be contacted & our customer care personnel are available via Live chat on our website or you can send your query at sales@Genuineshoppingstore.com. Every inquiry will be answered within 24 hours.